Experienced Dog Groomer

Let the experienced groomers at Hillcrest Kennel and Grooming make your pet look amazing with high-quality haircuts and styles. Our groomer works with all breeds to help dog owners in Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas keep their dogs looking healthy and happy. We use breed-standard styles and cuts to give your canine a classic, professional grooming that will bring the best out of your pet. Call us today at (615) 865-4413 to schedule a dog grooming service.

A Thorough Grooming Service

Hillcrest Kennel and Grooming offers a professional grooming that includes everything needed to give your pet a beautiful, polished look. Our service includes:
  • A Massaging Bath
  • Full Brushing
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Sacs Emptied
  • Haircut and Styling
In addition to the services, we also offer cute additions like hair bows and bandanas at no extra charge.
Cute Puppy being brushed by groomer — Dog Grooming in Nashville, TN

A Commitment to Quality

We know you love your pet and our goal is to treat your dog as if it were our very own. Our grooming work is done in a safe and comfortable environment that your dog will love and we use only the latest and greatest products and equipment so that your dog will have the best experience possible. Our focus on quality results in beautiful, happy dogs.


Grooming service rates are based on the size of your dog, the condition of the coat, and the dog's temperament.

Schedule Dog Grooming Today

As a dog owner, you want to keep your dog's coat healthy and maintain it in beautiful condition and Hillcrest Kennel and Grooming is here to help you do that. Call us today at (615) 865-4413 to schedule a dog grooming appointment and our talented groomer will provide the quality grooming your dog deserves.